The beginning

Something changed within me the last year (2017), I remember feeling frustrated by the direction the world seemed headed. 

Our distance and apathy for the natural world and failure as a country to seek and promote environmentally sustainable living left me disappointed and frustrated. 

I started living my own life with less stuff and became a minimalist in everything that I could. I got rid of everything I didn't use the past last months and starting to liveaboard. After stop eating fish, I soon became a vegetarian and not long after that a vegan, for a smaller foothprint and for the great love I have for animals. 

I’ve discovered that the most important sort of exploration happens within. The enormous sense of fulfillment I’ve gained from following my dream, delving into self-awareness, and living a simple life close to nature motivates me to continue sharing my experiences in hopes of the same for others.

WE ARE ONE! Nature, humanity, and all life on Earth are inextricably and fantastically connected. Seeking to understand and participate in this Greatness is not only a path to immense personal fulfillment, but also to healthy, peaceful planet and a populace that could exist in harmony with nature!

Sailing the world

Now I'm planning to sail the world and discover and shine a light and discover projects that matter. Projects that are trying saving and protecting the earth and all her habitants.

At this moment I'm still working and try to prep Saudade, myself and my bank-account for the journey. I'm trying to leave Belgium in 2021-2022.

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